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The meaning of shed as a noun is generally well-understood. It’s a storage space, maybe a workshop, and generally a place to store something you want to keep safe. But what about shed as a verb? Not in the sense that most bluegrass musicians might think of as having to shed the constant paparazzi when they’re out in public.  


Musicians have recently adopted a new meaning for shed, and Urban Dictionary (which is usually not so PG, just FYI) perfectly describes it as “to practice, usually a musical instrument. A person does not need to literally be in a shed to 'shed'.”


Nearing the first week of classes at CU Boulder in August 2022, four musicians met to shed together. They were not literally in a shed, but each shedding space became their workshop, which one might call a shed. It was pretty sweet, too. 


And so began Honeyshed, a contemporary acoustic quartet with the togetherness of a beehive and endless flow of Boulder Creek. String music was hit with a sting of fresh and dynamic music when the musical experiences of Justin Hein, Olivia Breen, Peter Ashmore, and Will Pavilonis came together. While Honeyshed houses a beekeeper studying biology, an aerospace Arizonan, a Tony Rice lover studying technology, and a jazz jock, string music inspired this group of musicians to stick together. 


Don’t be afraid, no bee suits required when you’re listening to Honeyshed. Instead, prepare your ears for a new sound in string music that might just make you want to pick up some strings and start shedding yourself. 


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